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Hot Shot Edmonton, Direct Rush Transport

AB Hotshot Trucking

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Direct Rush Transport

AB Hotshot Trucking is a direct rush trucking company that serves Alberta and Western Canada. If you need hot shot transport? And you need to get it there RIGHT NOW? Then get it hauled the RIGHT WAY with our reliable hot shot Edmonton service. Fast, reliable, safe and on time, we guarantee same day or overnight delivery. Based in Edmonton Alberta serving Calgary, Red Deer, Fort McMurray and all through Western Canada far and wide. Call us now to get your equipment, cargo or freight moving. Our team is on call 24 hours a day!

Specializing in expedited oilfield transport we understand that time is money. Every minute that your site is down, held up or delayed for whatever reason, costs can add up. You can have the manpower ready to go but missing resources like broken equipment, tools or lack of materials can great extend maintenance or construction schedules.

With our hotshot service we're here to help.

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Priority Expedited Courier Service

That’s why when you call for a hot shot transport service in Edmonton, we treat it as our top priority with our premium, same day rush service.

Whether you have a machinery failure and need a replacement part fast or just need something delivered as quickly as possible, we are here for you.

Whatever your emergency, our professional drivers will respond to the hot shot Edmonton call at a moments notice to ensure that you get your freight delivered in the most efficient and safe way possible. Rest assured that you are getting the best trucks and drivers available in the oil and gas industry when you choose us.

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Competitive Hot Shot Rates

While there is always a premium paid for a direct rush hot shot service, we have some of the most competitive hot shot rates in Edmonton Alberta. With rates starting as low as $0.95 per kilometer, we will work hard to earn your business. We guarantee same day or over night deliveries and we promise to deliver value for the money you invest with us.

If you are looking for more than a one time courier service, we can definitely help you.

Once we understand what your needs are in greater detail, we can schedule a quick driver pick up that will set your mind (and wallet) at ease. Short haul or long haul, we are ready to get the job done.

Professional Transport Drivers

Our team of transportation experts are confident driving, transporting and delivering loads to remote locations in all types of weather and road conditions. Safe and reliable, the calibre of our hot shot Edmonton drivers are in a league all their own. If you have a drilling site that is in an obscure location in the middle of a northern Canadian winter, no problem. We have the trucks, gear and expertise to navigate whatever the road throws at us.

Our truck drivers are experienced and highly trained. They know the transportation rules of the road and won't get stuck on the scales. They are well versed in load securement and safety protocols. Have a look at our safety page to learn more about what we stand for.

Reliable Hotshot Trucking Fleet

We have the right flatbed and picker trucks to get the job done, whether your truck transport needs are small or large. Our ever expanding fleet of vehicles is well maintained and inspected regularly so you never have to worry about an untimely breakdown. All of our vehicles are equipped with GPS tracking, so we can keep you updated and provide timely communication as needed.

Hot Shot Trucking Testimonials

“I was searching for a good hot shot Edmonton company when I found AB Hotshot Trucking. They had great reviews, so I gave them a try.  Now I understand why they are so highly rated.  My load was delivered on time, for a great price.  I'll definitely be calling them again.” – Mike H.


“Awesome business, you can't go wrong with AB Hotshot Trucking!  These guys go above and beyond, I've always been really happy with the service. They get an A+ in my books.” – Cory A.

“These guys have the most friendly and courteous drivers. They've always been super easy to work with, no fuss, they just get the job done. I can't complain about their prices either” Dwayne P.


24 hour service for Alberta & Western Canada

Contact Us Today

There are a lot of choices when it comes to hotshot in Edmonton.

You want the best service and value for your money and that is what we aim to provide.

Our clients aren't just a number to us, when you call us on short notice, needing an emergency delivery, we treat it as our own.

No matter what the time, location or weather conditions, we can get your hauling done.

We are upfront, reliable and honest. Give us a call today for your free freight shipping quote, you will be glad you did.

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